Shadow of the Sun

Shadow of the Sun
Campaign Log

The once-defeated evil deity Dawn Stealer has been resurrected. For six months he has been plaguing The land of Thedia, appearing just before dawn each day to steal the light from the sun, plunging the world into a steady, dreadful darkness. Crops have failed, the cold is bitter, and the people grow weak without the strength of the light. The creatures who thrive in the darkness plague the towns and cities of the surface world, while efforts to overthrow Dawn Stealer once again have been in vain. The reason for his resurrection has been a source of confusion and lament among the people until, at last, the one responsible was found.

You have been recruited by the High Monks of Helmforth, the capital city of Thedia, who have informed you of the identity of the necromancer who brought Dawn Stealer back to the land of the living. It is your job to locate him, Marius Shadowend, and bring him to Helmforth to await his judgement.


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